Twitter hashtags length over time

Twitter hashtags length over timeThis post is the first of the new Sim­ple Sci­ence cat­e­gory. This thread fea­tures research top­ics that are mainly focused on intu­itive research facts/insight detected in the most impor­tant and well known vir­tual com­mu­ni­ties. How­ever, research on com­plex net­works is very inter­dis­ci­pli­nary thus we do not exclude to extend our find­ings to other than social networks.

Since we want an audi­ence as broad as pos­si­ble and the con­tent to be as read­able as pos­si­ble, we will not use strong sta­tis­ti­cal tools, but instead we adopt the basic and under­stand­able ones. In spe­cial cases where more advanced math­e­mat­i­cal meth­ods are needed, we pro­vide ade­quate and clear explanations.

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